June 2012 News & Updates!

I hope everyone enjoyed my last mixtape "Rage Rock Riot", it was definitely fun making that mix! But on to the updates... I am trying to find "my sound"... It's really hard in the sea of electronic music right now!! But Dubstep is becoming something I really don't agree with anymore. Don't get me wrong there is still some good stuff but it's so hard to find now. With that said, I plan on switching up my DJ mixes a bit to showcase some of the incredible music that is out there. Honestly I am loving the electronic music scene right now, it's awesome how diverse things are. Things move really fast these days and I think it's a good thing, it keeps things fresh and new... I promise that I will always stay true to my roots and have fun with whatever happens. I hope you guys like what I release as I try to find my sound. It's going to be some trial & error for sure haha!!