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Mutiny Audio Guest Mix 001: uAnimals

First in the all new Mutiny Audio Guest Mix series is the one and only uAnimals!!! This crazy fucker first sparked my interest with some sick remixes a few years ago. After chatting with him a bit & running into him DJing at several parties I learned he was not only a talented fucker but a down right cool dude as well. Aside from his own free originals and remixes, he’s collaborated with such artists as Varien, Josh Money, Megastrom, Kickraux, DOCO, Louisiana Jones, Bassgator, Afrowhitey, Natty Freq of Mustache Riot and many other artists big and small. I am proud to have uAnimals as the first DJ on the Mutiny Audio Guest Mix! Enjoy. Join the mutiny yourself by submitting a 30 minute original Dj mix to !

New Mutiny Audio Guest Mix Series!

The Mutiny Audio Mixtapes podcast on iTunes will now feature a new sub series called the "Mutiny Audio Guest Mix". It will feature DJ mixes from some of my favorite DJs & producers alongside fresh up & coming artists! The idea behind Mutiny Audio has always been about unground & rebellious electronic music from all over the sonic spectrum and what better way to broaden those horizons than to feature some incredible talent from deep in the scene itself. Join the mutiny yourself by submitting a 30 minute original Dj mix to !

Mutiny Audio - Put It On Me

Put that =^.^= on me.

M☹NĘŸ $H☯☨ ☠ (mixtape)

Money Shot is inspired by a recent trip to Menace Beach in Tallahassee, FL. That place was slam packed with sexy girls twerking & cold beers. I loved the vibe there & put this mix together to share it with the rest of the world. Just press play & shake your booty.

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Hello people of the internet, 

I am Mutiny Audio. This name does not necessarily represent a person nor is it a pseudonym to mask who I am in the "real world". Mutiny Audio is the externalization of my thoughts and emotions in the form of music, art, & words. In modern society we have the ability to share everything from humor to misery in so many different ways. These creations, along with many other things scattered across cyberspace will be here long after I am gone. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

June 2012 Big News!

Mutiny Audio
I hope everyone enjoyed my last mixtape "Rage Rock Riot", it was definitely fun making that mix! But on to the updates... I am FINALLY putting out some original tracks this year! As you can tell from my DJ mixes I really do enjoy all kinds of music and this will totally show in the tracks I release... So far I have about 7 Dubstep/Trap influenced tracks, 2 DNB/Drumstep tracks, and a few chill 110bpm beats... I am loving the electronic music scene right now,  it's awesome how diverse things are. I plan on switching up my DJ mixes a bit to showcase some of the incredible music that is out there.  Things move really fast these days and I honestly think it's a good thing, it keeps things fresh and new... I promise that I will always stay true to my roots and have fun with whatever happens. I hope you guys like all the music I am working on!  Oh, and don't worry I will still be putting out way more DJ mixes ;)

Mutiny Audio - Riot Culture (mixtape)

The Future of Mutiny Audio.

I have finally found my own "sound" and I want to leave my old style behind....So unfortunatly I took down all my old mashups, remixes, and original music down from the web..... If there are any tracks that you want,  just email me and I will hook you up. From this point on I will only release quality mixes and music starting with "Riot Culture".